A Lifetime of Service

Political Advisory

We support and drive high-profile client initiatives into successful political campaigns. Our leading campaign management and public affairs firm holds long-standing experience in devising unique strategies for enhancing governmental relations, legislative & regulatory lobbying, building winning coalitions, impactful advertising, and more.

Reputation Management

Dundas Advisors recognize the importance of upholding a reputation in the political sphere. With the challenges accompanying maintaining a political reputation, we map the hyper-connected political landscape to grow our client’s positive messages while mitigating the negative. Our Firm protects and promotes a politician’s image, mapping a digital footprint while designing techniques for development.


Dundas Advisors communications team is comprised of a skilled group of marketing experts. We create creative, strategic communication solutions with a tailored approach that fits our client’s needs using a broad range of capabilities. Our practice area includes but is not limited to integrated communications planning and campaigns, community outreach, drafting of press releases, and public relations.


Efficient political intelligence gathering gained through effective strategies are the building blocks of the foundation of political achievement. We use both traditional and contemporary methods to conduct target-oriented messages that drive political action through proper and in-depth research. We provide intelligible and actionable advice in crisis and media management and political risk assessment for our clients to make informed decisions in real-time.

Issue and Legislation Advocacy

Our strength lies in our relationship-building and networks with decision-makers in the media, political, and business spheres. With decades of experience in defining public and policy objectives, we are driven by the constant flow of corporate, government, and political communication. Dundas Advisors is comprised of leaders educated in relevant social issues and effective methods of advocacy for change.

Political Campaign

We strengthen clients’ political campaigns through deeply informed approaches to general consulting, web-based activism, social media strategy & management, and more. Our advisors use ground-breaking services to provide quality fundraising strategies and continuous support—our communication and digital marketing support leverage political camping for successful campaigns.

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