Working internationally towards our client’s goals and agendas

Based in Toronto, Canada, our values are deeply embedded within our code of ethics. Dundas Advisors strive to conduct successful political research and relations through strategic, tailormade advisory. We expertly navigate the worlds of politics, business, government, and communication. Forming synergistic relationships with a range of clientele, we hold client confidentiality to the highest standard, ensuring unique bonds through trust.

Staying up to date with the most recent industry changes, market fluctuations, and political movements, we are proficient in defining measures for desirable change through strategic communication and unparalleled success. Helping those with and without experience we work with instilled loyalty, responsibility, and professional transparency.

Our Commitment to You

No matter the challenge, Dundas Advisors are prepared to accompany you and your legislative matters. We deliver a track record of successful political consultancy, international affairs, public policy management and more. We conduct in-depth research to cater directly to our client’s needs. With an extensive network, we make sure our clients are heard throughout relevant industries far and wide. We base client needs at the highest priority, ensuring the best possible service.

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